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Data CenterIf you are looking to contain complexity and cost while boosting efficiency and productivity,
the Data Center is the place to start.
We help re-engineer data center infrastructure and align capacity with business outcomes and help customers realize full potential of their investment.
Our Offerings:
1.Complete DC build & Setup
3.Storage & Data Management
4.DC Networking
5.DR Solutions
6.Backup & Archiving
7.Energy Efficiency
8.Hosting & Co-location
9.Maintenance and Support
January 16, 2015

Core IT InfrastructureA robust,elastic and flexible IT infrastructure is key to optimizing your organisation's profitibility,productivity and performance.
We help organisations re-valuate and construct their IT environment to align with business goals.
Our Offerings:
1.Server & Storage Consolidation
3.Networking & Convergence
4.SAN storage
5.High Performance Clustering
6.End User Devices
8.WAN Services
January 16, 2015

Audio Video ConferencingDue to paucity of time,rising cost of travel,quick decision making processes and competitive environment it is imperative to collaborate and connect the whole organisation instantaneously.
That is why audio visual solutions are becoming the hub of communications centre in most organisations today.
These solutions can transform rooms into ‘communication zones’ for optimising the productivity.
Our Offerings:
1.Complete AV Setup
2.Cloud based Conferencing
3.On Demand Conferencing
4.Web Conferencing
5.Support and AMC
January 16, 2015

ICT SecurityIn today's connected world, information is the lifeblood of a company and data is the currency. Ensuring it is secure, private, complaint and available to relevant users on demand is vital i.e. why we offer our customers the Best of ICT Security Solutions that maximize defense and mitigate threats.
Our Offerings:
1.Unified Threat Management
2.NIPS Solutions
3.Gateway Security Solutions
4.Multi Factor Authentication
5.SSL Certification
6.Backup and Archiving
January 16, 2015

Enterprise CloudYotta Byte's Enterprise Cloud is designed to support your business to provide maximum uptime & flexibility based on the business requirement.
It helps enterprises to establish business quickly with agility,faster time to market and at an attractive commercial model.
Our Consulting services help customers align best approach for the journey towards cloud.
Our Offerings:
1.Infra As a Service
2.Platform as a Service
3.Software as a Service
4.DR as a Service
5.Backup as a Service
January 16, 2015

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