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Next Generation Video SurveillanceYB incorporates the best of breed technology in the Video Surveillance field & offers a fully integrated,cost effective,turn-key service.
There are many different surveillance products available in market that work reasonably well.But they are difficult to use,hard to manage with High cost of ownership.
We overcome the drawbacks through our Next Generation Video Surveillance which offers:
5.Enhanced Security
6.Instant Alerts
7.Single login
January 16, 2015


Private CloudPrivate cloud is cloud infrastructure operated solely for a single customer.
It offers an ideal way to solve some of your organization's biggest business & technology challanges.
It helps reduce costs, raise efficiency & introduce innovative new business models to make business more agile and efficient while simplifying its operations and infrastructure.
Our Offerings:
1.Managed Private Cloud
2.Virtual Private Cloud
3.On-Premise Private cloud
4.Co-located Private Cloud
January 16, 2015

Software LicensingAt YB we belive that the age of smart software licensing solutions has now given way to wise software licensing solutions & that is because what you do today has its effect on your business and bottom lines tomorrow.
So we take time to fully examine your IT environment, challenges, growth plans & strategic initiatives prior to making recommendations.
We help you select the ideal licensing agreement to meet your business needs thereby ensuring that what you invest today gives its returns tomorrow.
Our Solution Targets 3 leading challenges of managing software in new style IT - Control,Cost,Compliance
January 16, 2015

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